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One more Prince post: former band members from The Revolution, New Power Generation and 3RDEYEGIRL released a version of ‘The Cross’ from Sign o’ the Times album

A message of hope, amidst a pandemic and the struggle to make Black Lives Matter across the world Within the past hour, Prince’s official Twitter account posted a cover of Prince’s “The Cross” song, performed by musicians from his former … Continue reading

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Obama’s policing town hall remarks [yawn] and why #defundthepolice is not a bad word and an arguably good idea

We have to think about — what does it look like to have a future without police? Phillipe Cunningham; Minneapolis, Minnesota Council Member I get that former President Barack Obama had the marquee name in yesterday’s virtual “Reimagining policing in … Continue reading

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Carry this thought with the George Floyd justice protests: income inequality is the highest in a half-century

The numbers suggest people demand change — regardless of what the stock market says. People need to connect relevant reasons to protest with their personal lives so they can hit the streets with conviction. In many cases, these reasons combine … Continue reading

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Trump said tonight that Americans live in a White junta-led theocracy — he must be really desperate

Whether or not this is news to you, welcome to the new (old) country. BTW — his concern for George Floyd’s  death, police brutality, and racial equity seems so … distant … Just before 7 pm tonight — and after … Continue reading

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Time for the obligatory Colin Kaepernick post: y’all should’ve listened to him in 2016

Most Americans, myself included, do not endorse looting in response to injustice. But your preference to discuss looting over racial equity right now misses the point Kap was making nearly four years ago. I’m breaking an editorial rule for this … Continue reading

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Columbus, Ohio police attacked US Congresswoman Joyce Beatty during George Floyd march

Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH) was attending a Justice for George Floyd protest in Downtown Columbus, one of the many protests taking place across America, where police officers pepper-sprayed the Congresswoman and her colleagues. No one from Representative Beatty’s group was … Continue reading

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To all White people who say they are not racist — you all are neither innocent, nor safe, from White supremacy

You’re living in White supremacy. What will you do about it? African American George Floyd’s slow death under the seemingly-knowing knee of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is a symbol of White supremacy’s death spell for both America and the … Continue reading

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