On Obama’s convention speech last night: what the hell is up with the New York Times?

obama speech on democracy at risk at 2020 democratic national convention

Too much Hollywood on their minds — and at the worst time. 

The New York Times’ editorial judgement sometimes confuses me.

And then I remind myself that the newspaper loves to publish Upper-West-Side-White-Liberal-feel-good stories on current events as if each are overhyped movie-of-the-year candidates that focus on people’s personal triumphs, and can be screened only at the best art houses, insulated from this cruel and gritty world.

But the film surprisingly wins an OSCAR nomination. And then the hype machine continues by writing another feel-good protagonist story to force-fit in the historical timeline by damn-near any means.

Today’s subject is former President Barack Obama’s “[Donald Trump] will tear our democracy down” speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, captured by NYT correspondent Peter Baker as Obama returning “to the national stage on Wednesday night seeking vindication with an implicit defense of his own record and an indignant condemnation of President Trump as a corrupt and failing leader who has used his office to enrich himself, pit Americans against each other and threaten American democracy.” Emphasis mine.

Read the entire article. And check out this headline:

New York Times article by peter baker titled "Obama Returns to the D.N.C. With a Chance to Protect His Legacy From Trump

America’s public health infrastructure is so shot to hell that many municipalities appear challenged to manage future pandemics, let alone manage the current one.

Trump — so treasured for his fabled business executive skills which appear to be in retreat when we needed them the most — has such a priority problem that he spends more energy boycotting Goodyear tires and bigging-up black beans than telling Americans to wash their hands and maintain distance.

The same President is willing to bitch-stomp the nation’s Constitution whenever the public has mean things to say about him, but praises greater threats to American society, as long as they stroke his scrotum. Trump proved to news cameras across the world his willingness to attack peaceful demonstrators in front of the building that’s supposed to house the leader of the world’s greatest democracy.

As if that warning shot of a dying democracy wasn’t sufficient, Trump flipped to balls-out banana republic mode by pulling up mailboxes to suppress mail-in votes.

With so much at stake in this election, the New York Times published drivel like:

After watching Mr. Trump systematically demolish many of his achievements, Mr. Obama has almost as much at stake in this year’s campaign as his former vice president and his party’s 2020 presidential nominee, Joseph R. Biden Jr., does — a second chance to redeem his legacy and prove to history that Mr. Trump’s election was an anomaly, not a permanent repudiation.

From Obama Returns to the D.N.C. With a Chance to Protect His Legacy From Trump, NY Tines

Are you shittin’ me??

Okay, I’m going to assume most Obama fans will acknowledge that that #45 has been removing #44’s legacy during the past four years.

But the more urgent issue is way bigger than whatever Obama thinks about himself. A newspaper publishing a story about Obama’s personal ambition or legacy defense is an insult to the burning next door that Obama’s been pointing to: our democracy.

Plus we already know the current President can’t manage a public health crisis without killing what will soon be 200,000 Americans.

It’s as if Baker never read or heard Obama’s speech and planned to publish that silly article anyway.

I may not be a big fan of the Times’ gentrification cheerleader stories — a writing style template this Obama story seems to borrow from — of dashing couples or individuals pioneering outside of Manhattan to start a new life and moving into buildings that priced out its prior residents, but I can filter out that noise.

But with so much at stake, shouldn’t the Times change its focus … ?

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