Sheriff Clarke for FBI Director?

sheriff david clarke

While considering the backgrounds of possible replacements for FBI Director James Comey, who was just fired by President Donald Trump in one of the most embarrassing ways you can imagine, I realized that a few of you may not know the depth of evil attached to one of the dismal options Trump may consider: Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke.

Sure, you may already know about how inmate Terrill Thomas died from dehydration in one of Clarke’s prisons after being denied access to water for a week and then Clarke subsequently claimed to know nothing about the deceased but could recall in vivid detail the crime that landed Thomas in jail.

But there’s more evil waiting to be discovered — the death of baby Laliah Swayzer is a start.

On July 6, 2016, Shadé Swayzer was arrested by Milwaukee police after she refused to leave a Motel 6 room. Police quickly discovered that Swayzer was eight and a half months pregnant with baby Laliah.

According to the Lawsuit [PDF] filed by Swayzer’s attorney, she was moved from the jail’s special care unit to maximum security the following day without medical authorization to do so.

For the next six days, no medical professional visited Swayzer, nor was she permitted to leave her cell for medical office visits.

Swayzer’s water broke on July 14 while in maximum security. She informed a jail guard on duty of her condition, who responded by laughing and walking away.

Despite Swayzer’s labor contractions, pain and resulting screams, no jail guard would check on her. Okay, there was the guard who mocked Swayzer during the ordeal.

About five hours later and without assistance from any medical professional or jail guard, baby Laliah was born in an unsanitary maximum security jail cell, where she constantly cried and attempted to breastfeed.

No guard would acknowledge baby Laliah’s birth until two hours after her birth or four subsequent to Sade’s initial contractions. Even after the discovery, there was a delay on the jail guards’ part in calling for medical assistance.

And then baby Laliah stopped breathing.

Instead of rushing baby Laliah and Shadé to a nearby hospital, the guards further exhibited their collectively twisted sense of compassion by attempting to treat the newborn’s condition on an unsanitary table in a common area of the prison. Resuscitation equipment wasn’t even considered as a life-saving option until precious minutes later.

Baby Laliah died that morning.

A Milwaukee County autopsy report attributes baby Laliah’s death to natural causes.

Immediately prior to Shadé Swayzer’s July 6 admittance to the Milwaukee County Justice Facility, she received medical clearance by doctors from  Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital, who found her pregnancy during that time to be normal.

And unless I haven’t seen the latest news report, Sheriff Clarke has made no statement of regret regarding baby Laliah’s death or Shadé’s loss.

This is the person on Trump’s short list to be your next FBI Director.

Let’s take for a fact — until proven otherwise — the Milwaukee County Coroner’s findings that baby Lailah’s death was due to natural causes, she was stillborn, and not crying or attempting to breastfeed during her short time on Earth.

What’s left for you to envision is the jail — run by Sheriff David Clarke — where his guards ignored a pregnant woman’s cries for help while she was in labor, allowed a baby to be born in a dirty maximum security cell and attempted to treat the baby on a dirty table.

Still, this is the person on Trump’s short list to be your next FBI Director.

Here’s more distressing news: Trump’s other FBI Director options aren’t much better …

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5 thoughts on “Sheriff Clarke for FBI Director?

    1. I hope that human beings are not this cruel, Steve. The version offered by Sheriff’s office is that Swayzer gave a quiet childbirth during those hours and no one noticed. They also added that Swayzer was me

      1. (me)ntally ill. Both stories sound outrageous, but we’re also talking about the same team of jail guards under Clarke who let a man die of thirst …

        song currently stuck in my head: “lawdy miss clawdy” – ike turner

  1. Its not the veracity of your story Baye, its people that bother me their is something basic missing that allows them to treat a woman like that. Its something I just don’t have in me to behave that way, i’d instinctively feel protective to a pregnant woman and as for a new born.

    1. I understand, Steve. I became so angry while writing this piece that I uncharacteristically stopped for a break …

      song currently stuck in my head: “the power (original mix)” karizma

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