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Reimagining Black Alabama and Doug Jones’ odyssey

Now that the Alabama Senate election is over … (Laughing) Well, for most of y’all … I can share some updated thoughts while weaving in Doug Jones’ upset victory over Roy Moore. My thoughts haven’t changed, mind you. And Lawd … Continue reading

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Atlanta, inequality, Keisha Lance Bottoms and this strange fascination with an airport

Atlanta’s mayoral race is one of those stories I should have rapped about a long time ago. Just never got around to it. I couldn’t predict Keisha Lance Bottoms’ victory but I also didn’t think Vincent Fort — my choice … Continue reading

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Rest in Love, Dick Gregory

I’m currently reflecting on the loss of Dick Gregory, who was 84. While much of the media will spend the day filling your ears with love-in stories about how much of a good comedian he was — a point I … Continue reading

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Sheriff Clarke for FBI Director?

While considering the backgrounds of possible replacements for FBI Director James Comey, who was just fired by President Donald Trump in one of the most embarrassing ways you can imagine, I realized that a few of you may not know … Continue reading

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The Decision to Murder Jordan Edwards

  As the car carrying then-alive teenager Jordan Edwards departed a house party where everyone in the vehicle collectively felt was no longer safe to remain, Balch Springs, Texas police officer Roy Oliver’s calculations went from zero to I-need-to-kill-somebody within sub-seconds. … Continue reading

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The MLK Speech You’ve Heard Before (But Not Really)

I’m recognizing the 49th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s assassination by posting his final speech — better known to many as “I have Been to the Mountaintop” — since many of us only know two minutes of it. Along … Continue reading

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WordCraft: The Performance of Becoming Human by Daniel Borzutzky

The 2016 National Book Award-winning poetry book, The Performance of Becoming Human by Daniel Borzutzky, describes a depressing and violent world of wars, societal dismemberment from the assault of free trade agreements, migrant crises, inequality, xenophobia, and dictatorial oligarchs. Borzutzky’s … Continue reading

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We lived under the leadership of a Ku Klux Klan-loving President who broadly rejected Japan’s 1919 Treaty of Versailles amendment that would view all races and countries as equals — likely because this President had more colonial ambitions to chase … Continue reading

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I expect Colson Whitehead’s National Book Award-nominated novel, The Underground Railroad, to win plenty of kudos for its ability to convey a layered story of metaphoric Afro-mysticism surrounding Black slaves, particularly a young woman named Cora, who are pursuing freedom … Continue reading

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In case numbers, studies and 720p high-definition extrajudicial killings can’t sway some to believe that “All Lives Matter” is too FOS to accept even a drop of social justice, let’s look at a source many of you rely on every … Continue reading

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