us sponsored terrorism in the middle east

Embattled Syria President Bashar al-Assad has always said the rebels currently fighting to remove him from power come from terrorist organizations, but he took his accusations a step further yesterday on Iranian television by calling terrorism in the Middle East a “New” Western tool designed to subjugate the region.

Assad has one major detail wrong — the US has sponsored terrorism throughout the Middle East for decades.

Declassified federal government documents show that the US Central Intelligence Agency deployed terrorists to successfully execute a violent coup against Mohammad Mosaddegh , the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, in 1953.

Mossadeh’s trangression worthy of a coup was nationalizing Iranian oil companies after he felt the oil extraction agreements made with the West were unfair to the Iranian people.

The Shah of Iran was handpicked by the West to be the new Iranian leader. And his barbaric rule led to a sufficient amount of resentment among Iranians, which then gave birth to the Islamic Revolution and the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini.

You can say that America, through its use of terrorists, have created the Iran you see today.

Years later, the US provided training to Mujaheddin-e Khalq (MEK), an organization that was on the US State Department’s list of terror groups at the time.

MEK is widely known for its assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, as well as other acts of terror in the name of regime change. MEK’s status as a recognized terrorist group didn’t stop former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, former Homelamd Security Secretary Tom Ridge and other US politicians from attending a 2011 MEK meeting in Paris about regime change in Iran.

This convenient alliance between America and MEK eventually led to the group being removed from the US terror list. How’s that for temperamental national security …

During the final weeks of Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi’s life, he warned Libyan citizens that the insurgents who placed his country under siege — and who were aided by US NATO airstrikes and drone surveillance — were affiliated with terrorist groups; Al Qaeda being among them. Gaddafi wasn’t lying.

The Saudi royal family, longtime friends of Washington who consistently receive military hardware and support, is a known sponsor of Sunni extremist groups.

The CIA’s relationship with Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and the Taliban, during and after Russia’s occupation of Afghanistan, is no secret these days.

While an increasing number of you are aware of America’s current role in supporting terrorists in Syria, you should also note that the CIA and Britain’s MI-6 plotted to use terrorists in the same region in 1957.

The plan back then was to counter Soviet influence by starting a war between Syria and the pro-Western states of Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon. The instigating tactic, according to the plan was to use terrorist groups to create violent border incidents.

Even the CIA acknowledges America’s longstanding role in sponsoring terrorism in the Middle East and beyond. From the Washington Post:

The United States has long been an exporter of terrorism, according to a secret CIA analysis released Wednesday by the Web site WikiLeaks.

So digest this: in order for you to enjoy freedom, the US — for decades — has supported the so-called enemies of freedom …

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