saudi arabia's king abdullah, now dead, leaves behind stained human rights record

While President Obama and other Washington heavies give posthumous praise to King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for his “moderate” voice of the Middle East, I have a different set of memories…

Under King Abdullah’s reign, unarmed protesters were shot to death.

He beheaded people as if he was creating a national sport. Practicing spiritual beliefs other than Islam can qualify for a date with the blade in Saudi Arabia.

He presided over a kangaroo court that led to mass jailings and death sentences..

He advocated military action against Iran in what could have easily led to a world war or large-scale regional conflict.

Saudi Arabia, in partnership with Qatar, bankrolled the terrorist nightmare you see in Syria and Iraq today, along with the deaths of many innocent people.

And I only covered the last five years of his rule!

The US relationship with King Abdullah—which was a oddly close one—underscores how the US is selective about which dictators to befriend…

May the King reconcile his past with his God…

song currently stuck in my head: “dr. follow’s dance” – gary bartz

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