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You thought ISIL holds the Most Brutal title with its beheadings of civilians?

Wrong. This is what the United Nations‘ Human Rights office has to say about Saudi Arabia (emphasis mine):

According to the experts, so far in 2014, at least 45 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia. Between 4 and 22 August, 22 people were executed, which represents an average of one execution per day. These included at least eight people beheaded for non-violent crimes including drug-smuggling and sorcery. Other offences resulting in beheading have reportedly included adultery and apostasy.

I don’t have a problem with President Barack Obama labeling ISIL’s beheadings as “barbaric,” but his decision to remain relatively mum about Saudi Arabia’s headhunting ways makes you wonder about the contradiction.

I’ll repeat myself here—Obama calling out ISIL is a convenient tactic to gain public approval for GWOT 2.0. Besides, ISIL is only a collection of disposable jihadists, right?

It’s probably a good time to repeat something else—the US needs to rethink its regional friends if it wants to get this ISIL problem under control, and The Kingdom ranks high on that list…

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