When the West began to tell the story of how Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed over Eastern Ukraine, do you think they listened to the wisdom of parents: telling Fish Story Number 1 can only survive by telling additional fish stories?

You received your first warning that a game was about to be played on the public when Ukraine told the press over the summer that the Dutch Safety Board’s report [pdf] paints a picture of MH17 being brought down by a missile.

The problem with Ukraine’s claim at the time was that they did not have access to the crash report, Dutch officials insisted the report was never leaked to anyone from Ukraine, and the DSB even beefed about Ukraine’s “premature” disclosure. The report ultimately said that MH17 was broken up in the sky by a “series of high-energy objects from outside the airline”—like a few missiles.

But Netherlands Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans’ recent disclosure that one of the passengers on the doomed flight was wearing an oxygen mask during MH17’s final moments not only destroys the missile theory, but his statement also raises two questions.

If a high-velocity missile resulted in the airline’s quick destruction, how would a passenger have the time to don an oxygen mask?

Now for the next logical question: what other parts of the report are false?

More fish stories to come…

song currently stuck in my head: “all over” – henry wu feat. dziko

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