democrats-will-lose-against-republicans-2014 midterm elections

In the coming mid-term election battle between the Party of No Brains and the Party of No Guts, you will hear the latter point to the much-improved US economy as a reason for why they must maintain control over the Senate and retake the House.

But this chart published by Bloomberg in August explains why Democrats will likely lose this round—wage growth is at its slowest since the end of World War II:

bloomberg chart wage growth after world war ii

The logic is simple: an overwhelming majority of Americans have seen no loot—or much of it lately—and President Obama, who happens to be Democrat-in-Chief but is not running for office this year, has not forged much progress in making anyone besides the wealthiest Americans feel richer.

This means the remaining PNGs members in both houses can be considered targets for removal.

All the PNBs needs to do for a big November win is keep its fundamentalist wing in check for a few weeks—(laughing) a task in which recent events prove will not be easy.

And the rotating party cycle repeats if the PNBs can’t make it rain before November 2016…

song currently stuck in my head: “i’m back for more” – marlena shaw

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