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The latest Mueller indictment against Russians? We’ll have to wait and see

Before I dig into the latest indictments Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has filed against a dozen Russian military officers for hacking into then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails, I’ll attach my typical caveats whenever writing about The Resistance versus President Donald Trump: … Continue reading

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Searching for Russia conspiracies everywhere — including Malta

Here’s yet another hastily-written anti-Russia piece, presumably from THE RESISTANCE, for the sake of stoking neocon wet dreams of a new Russia boogeyman. Ultimately, there’s plenty of money to be made in fear … Political Dig recently published a story … Continue reading

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Why America’s Losing Its Mind Over Silk Road 2.0

Another sun tries to rise again in the East, and may take the form of a new Silk Road — resplendent with high-speed transportation and communication infrastructures; large-scale mining projects; a rail and maritime distribution strategy that will connect East … Continue reading

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Trump, Russia and the Big Boys Regime Change Club

After a brief distraction from the November 8, 2016 elections and President Donald Trump’s brief declaration just over a week ago that removing President Bashar al-Assad would not be the United State’s priority in concluding Syria’s civil war, it appears … Continue reading

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Sunday Smack: What Should Trump Do About Syria?

This week’s Sunday Smack asks: What should Donald Trump do about Syria’s civil war? Arm the rebels? Hasn’t worked so far. Invade Syria? Work with Russia to rid Syria of jihadist groups? Stop providing weapons and non-lethal aid to the … Continue reading

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Sunday Smack: Who Cares if Russia Hacked the Truth?

​ The US Office of National Intelligence ’s report of Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections [pdf] published three sentences that will serve as this week’s Sunday Smack. The first sentence offers no surprise: We assess with high confidence … Continue reading

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Despite “Intelligence Report,” Still No Proof of Russia Hacking US Elections

Since the debate about Russia hacking and influencing the US Presidential elections to favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton has reached deeper levels of crazy with the US intelligence community’s release of a damning report, allow me to share a crazy … Continue reading

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The Error of Trump’s Weapons-Chasing Ways

Wassup with President-elect Donald Trump’s fixation with the 80s and ramping up military spending? Even if you cast aside the confusing media cycle of Trump tweeting about how the US needs new nukes (as an aside, President Obama proposed spending $1 trillion … Continue reading

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Did Russia just pull a fast one on the US by withdrawing military forces from Syria? Well, before we get to that — do you remember when President Obama shared his plan to “Degrade and destroy” Islamic State (or ISIL … Continue reading

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What did the Russian fighter jets say to the massive Islamic State (ISIL) convoy of trucks transporting illegal oil from Syria to Turkey? KABOOM. Russia’s Ministry of Defense shared a video of the bombing raid it brought to what’s presumed … Continue reading

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