Syrian People Civil War

I have the occasional habit of speaking in parables and metaphors without explicitly stating what I want you to know. I won’t do that for this post about the expanding Syria civil war.

This war is about damn-near everything else except for the will of Syrian people.

This war is about Qatar & Saudi Arabia vs. Syria. The first two countries mentioned are  pissed-off about President Assad not consenting to the construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipeline through Syria, thus denying the first two countries mentioned from making billions of dollars per year.

This war is about Russia maintaining its virtual LNG monopoly in Europe by preventing Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s pipeline dreams.

This war is about America vs. Russia—the winner gets more economic and political juice in the Middle East and parts east of it.

This war is about Shiites vs. Sunnis.

This war is about Hezbollah vs Israel.

Which means this war is about the US + Israel vs. Iran + Hezbollah.

This war is about who will ultimately be positioned to drive the development of a new Silk Road in Central and South Asia.

This war is about a so-called rebel army being overrun by Al-Qaeda and other Jihadists.

To keep it real, that ostensibly means the war is about America and a terrorist organization that has declared war on America, versus Syria. This would smell like treason in other instances…

Speaking of terrorists,  this war is also about Russia vs Jihadists since a terrorist-overrun Syria is only 1000 miles away from Chechnya – a country adjacent to Russia that not only has its own jihadist problems, but having extremist issues in Syria  would also be too close to home for the Russians to stomach.

Let’s go back to 1863 at the dawn of the American Civil War. If France paid the retro equivalent of USD 3 billion to assemble a non-citizen Confederate army that represented 29 nationalities from around the world, would you call those soldiers rebels, or an expensive mercenary army? Hell, you couldn’t even say the phrase “Civil War” at that point. Welcome to what’s happening in Syria today, thanks to the deep pockets of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Should Assad win, there’s a good chance that Hezbollah’s standing will be strengthened in Lebanon – the country that’s been bum-rushed by the  Party of God. Since Israel’s been beefing about the United States acting disengaged from the Middle East, what do you think will happen to Lebanon if Hezbollah gains more influence? Lebanon will experience Bum-Rushed, the Sequel.

If this war had anything to do with saving humanity, over 100,000 Syrians would still be alive today.

Should any miracle exist that will bring all entities concerned about the Syrian people to the table for negotiations, Who will save a chair for Syrian people?

song currently stuck in my head: “it’s about time” – terry callier

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