North Korea, A Ho's Life; Kim Jong Un

I’ll continue my thoughts from the previous post about China treating North Korea like a ho by asking you a stupid question: shouldn’t DPRK be intrigued by the idea of living on a peninsula where it doesn’t have to be on war alert all the damn time, and that it can enjoy the same kind of relative prosperity experienced by its neighbors? It’s obvious that China has not and likely will not be DPRK’s road to prosperity, so perhaps the “DPRK flirt with America” hypothesis isn’t so outrageous—(laughing) EXCEPT for the problem of America’s history of friendships with rogue states.

DPRK isn’t so reclusive where it would ignore the events in Libya as an example, where Muammar Ghadaffi’s reward for mothballing its weapons of mass destruction and cooperating with the US-led War on Terror was to be sucked into the Bomb-to-Protect Civilians okey-doke, see the Libyan rebels curiously open an alternative central bank within weeks of their insurrection against the Libyan government, witness a violent ending to his rule and watch companies bring Libya’s oil production back online less than a month before he was killed.

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s sweet-to-ugly experience with the US where he received WMDs from the US, ditched the WMDs [PDF] before the second Iraq war and still met a violent demise, serves as additional ammunition for North Korea’s paranoia.

This is why Kim Jong-Un is holding on to his nukes—they’re the only friends he has.

But this also explains why China’s been able to mack DPRK for so many years…

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