Kim Jong-Un Regime Change in North Korea

Reading the latest UN re-declaration of its refusal to accept the idea of North Korea possessing nuclear weapons makes me think of my earlier thoughts about the poor country being treated like a ho (here and here) drives me to the conclusion that Kim Jong Un’s tenure as DPRK’s leader is not long for this world.

Let’s recall that within Kim III’s first 18 months of leadership, DPRK announced it was ready to launch missile strikes, which made the US, China, Japan and South Korea prepare for the worst through its own troop or missile deployments. The incident also reinforced American justification for its Asian Pivot strategy, to China’s discomfort

Now, let’s assume Kim Jong Un – who is 29 years old – lives to be 70 like his father, Kim Jong-Il. Do you believe any of the countries I mentioned, plus Russia, wants to go through 40 more years of this?

Seven pre-2053 possibilities come to mind, and six of them involve regime change…

song currently stuck in my head: “high step” – paul chambers sextet

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