Name That Terror-Sponsoring Nation!

donald trump iran

Guess the Middle East country I’m describing at the moment.

The country has long-range ballistic missiles pointed at two other countries, at minimum. One of the targets is Israel.

The country is a known sponsor of the most horrific acts of global terror during the past 20+ years.

Speaking of terror, the country is known by intelligence circles and select US cabinet members to channel arms and financial support to Islamic terror groups operating in Syria.

The country is currently engaged in a war where it’s accused of committing war crimes.

The country has a regular place on the United Nations’ list of human rights abusers. One day, this country sentenced a protester to be beheaded, AND THEN crucified.

I could write a lengthy piece that just focuses on the country’s human rights record, but I won’t — there’s larger point I want to make.

Any guess about the country I’m referring to?



Try Saudi Arabia.

This is why I’m baffled …

… okay, perhaps in a sarcastic way …

… about President Donald Trump’s decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal — even though Iran has complied with the deal’s major provisions — and then base his decision on Iran’s ballistic missiles testing, human rights atrocities and sponsorship of terror groups.

What’s good for Iran is good for Saudi Arabia, right?

Not in Trumpland. Saudi Arabia remains a friend of the US, while Iraq is viewed as a sworn enemy.

And thanks to the magic of conveniently-arranged events, Senators Bob Corker and Tom Cotton are currently sponsoring a bill that will advance the next phase of Trump’s Iran plan: disregard the wishes of the six other countries involved in the Iran nuclear deal by rewriting new conditions for compliance that would trigger new sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

The truth about all this dishonest dealbreaking — aside from the two-faced stupidity of it all — points to a broader desire: setting the stage for yet another Middle East regime change project.

And that spells danger for the rest of the world …

Reference links are at the bottom of this post …

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