Sure, Protest the Muslim Ban. Then Protest This.

Funkadelic war

The Fourth Book of Funkadelic, chapter two, verse three saw the hollow howls against totalitarianism years ago:

You say you don’t like what your country’s about (yeah)
Ain’t you deep
In your semi-first class seat
You picket this and protest that
And eat yourself fat
Ain’t you deep
In your semi-first class seat.

The chapter goes on to say “If you don’t like the effects, don’t produce the cause.”

America continues to eat its young in 2017 while the masses take to the streets or airports, and also participate in feel-good smartphone app activism.

Hundreds of thousands don’t seem to like what Tampon L. Rudd is doing to the world, but haven’t yet taken a moment to ask “How did we get here?”

I wrote a while back that America created the road leading to the modern refugee crisis you see today.

El Jeffe Rudd — as bone-headed and hateful as he is in dealing with the effects by creating additional causes — easily becomes the emotional talking point for how leaders of modern democratic superpowers should never roll.

As if our problems started on the eighth day of November last year.

Nope. This arc of crisis has enjoyed a longer life than that.

Our political leaders are playing a game of bipolar Boogie Men — chasing us into the arms of another savior until that savior shows signs of evil. And then we run again. The game ends and replays.

Many of the same political leaders who condemn the way Tampon L. Rudd is dealing with the effects have either actively or quietly supported the kind of American adventurism in Africa and the Middle East that continues to spawn global terrorists and humanitarian crises.

Rudd deserves picket signs. Lots of them. For miles. And for many offenses. But while you’re deleting that Uber app, get in touch with your lawmakers and demand a stop to the bipartisan causes behind our troubles …

song currently stuck in my head: “show you the way” thundercat feat. michael mcdonald and kenny loggins

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