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Why America’s Losing Its Mind Over Silk Road 2.0

Another sun tries to rise again in the East, and may take the form of a new Silk Road — resplendent with high-speed transportation and communication infrastructures; large-scale mining projects; a rail and maritime distribution strategy that will connect East … Continue reading

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Sunday Smack: Rex Tillerson and His Trump Comment

“The President speaks for himself, Chris.” This week’s Sunday Smack focuses on US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s remark today on Fox News about how President Donald Trump “speaks for himself” when sharing views of the recent racial violence in … Continue reading

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Strung Out: Trump, Afghanistan and More War

Since my typical writing style is stream of consciousness, you’re witnessing my real-time confusion over where to start my comments about President Donald Trump’s anticipated unveiling of his Afghanistan war plans tonight. Hell, you should also be confused — America’s … Continue reading

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Rest in Love, Dick Gregory

I’m currently reflecting on the loss of Dick Gregory, who was 84. While much of the media will spend the day filling your ears with love-in stories about how much of a good comedian he was — a point I … Continue reading

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Trump Makes a Valid Point About ‘Changing Culture’

My main point about yesterday’s memorable press conference with President Donald Trump has less to do with his full turn of opinion when he reestablished air cover for his Alt-Right peeps by reincarnating his “Many sides” theory as an explanation … Continue reading

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Sunday Smack: What is the American Dream?

“The American Dream is back,” says President Donald Trump. But what does that mean? Back in January, Trump associated his desire to eliminate up to 75 percent of government regulations concerning businesses with the American Dream. In a series of … Continue reading

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Charlottesville, White Terrorism and History — a Black Man’s Viewpoint

President Donald Trump’s difficulty with specifically denouncing the “Unite the Right” rally and White terrorist violence committed in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend confirms what many people of color already felt about the Trump regime: it’s Al-Qaeda or Islamic State … Continue reading

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Whose Streets? Film and the New Black Leadership

Although I plan to see the Ferguson, Missouri uprising documentary Whose Streets? in a theater this week, I’ve declined to write about the film up to this point because mentalunrest’s editorial policy typically forbids me from writing about media I’ve … Continue reading

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Shifting Standards — 7 Ways

…. That tennis legend John McEnroe took time during his retirement to inexplicably mitigate Serena Williams’ standing as the top-rated women’s tennis player in the world — and possibly the best in history — by creating a new standard: comparing her to … Continue reading

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Let’s Revisit Robots and Minimum Wage Fast Food Workers

I’m not a fan of convenience stores. But I get the case for why so many of us visit them — familiar structures located within the familiarity of our neighborhood’s borders, and merchandised with a limited set of familiar choices … Continue reading

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