2020 post-election meditations: ‘Heal’? From what?

biden speech in delaware as president-elect

‘Heal’ is a throwaway word …

During last night’s speech as President-elect, Joe Biden talked about the importance of Americans seeing each other as Americans and healing:


Heal what?

70 million people voted for White supremacy, even if they did so for the tax cuts.

What does “heal” mean?

Who’s harmed?

Was African descendant jogger Ahmaud Arbery harmed, or his killers Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan who called him a nigger during the final seconds of Arbery’s life?

If Arbery’s killers need to heal, how would that happen?

Nigga Shooters Anonymous?

Arbery is in the ground. Does his family need to heal?

And again, how does that happen?

Healing infers harm that was caused. And a wound was left behind.

Who harmed MAGA’nem?

The wound caused to Breonna Taylor and her family is obvious.

But how can she, or them, be healed?

Do the Louisville, Kentucky police officers who shot Taylor — Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove — also need healing?

Exactly what kind of healing will Biden recommend for those officers?

Do they need Nigga Shooters Anonymous as well?

And what Presidential policy is recommended for “healing” Neo-Nazis?

Does the Ku Klux Klan have wounds? Who caused them? How would Biden propose healing them?

Did the people who raided Tulsa, Oklahoma and massacred the town’s residents needed healing? How would healing work in that instance.

The government — while blowing well over $1 trillion on the War on Terror — refuses to give pandemic-stricken families any more relief funding, creating an imminent wave of home evictions in a challenged job market.

How will healing work in that instance?

Does President Donald Trump need healing?

Jared Kushner?

Melania Trump?

Mike Pence?

Stephen Miller?

Rudolph Giuliani?

That White Trump supporter telling Black people to “Go back to Africa?”

Allison Edel, the White woman who called the police on an eight-year old Black girl who was selling water to earn money for a Disneyland trip?

And how exactly will healing work in those instances?

“Heal” is just like the “Thoughts and Prayers” B.S. we throw in the direction of gunshots and blood.

“Heal” doesn’t fix a wound. 

And “heal” doesn’t heal all the sins America has permitted to exist for over 400 years to avoid addressing its original sin …

song currently stuck in my head: “lust” – andrew hill

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