Million MAGA March: funny and not funny

many maga hats

I said this long ago: MAGA is bigger than Trump …

Today’s Million MAGA March — aside from the irony in how the title borrows from the vision of an African descendant Muslim leader that appears near the top of every MAGA member’s hate list — proves a point many of us have been making for a while.

MAGA is bigger, and older, than President Donald Trump.

Trump has been able to brilliantly brand and channel this toxic energy.

But MAGA is just as old as America’s Founding Fathers. Arguably older.

MAGA is a lifestyle brand.

Built from White supremacy, predatory capitalism, slave mentalities, self-colonization, fear, hatred, and violence.

MAGA owned slaves before MAGA had a name.

And MAGA created a violent insurgency against the US government to maintain slavery.

Here’s an interesting note: MAGA convinced others, who would never own a slave in their lives, that giving their lives to maintain slaves is a righteous act.

Therefore, this march is a brand activation tactic of a four- or eight-year marketing strategy that received an extra boost from Trump remaining in the White House to play the victim of democracy.

Which brings up another interesting note about MAGAnem: despite the dystopia the elites have benefitted from throughout the years, they all — including the masses — bemoan the recurring calls for equity as existential threats to their way of life.

I had no doubts that Trump could be motivated to pursue a media property expansion after his current soft coup attempt fails and he has to leave the White House — assuming he doesn’t call on the military to save his drug-enabled version of democracy. Yeah, I think drugs and legacy psychotics have a place in this blend.

Establishing a modern media vertical seems to be the logical next step for an older brand — especially after Trump spent years conditioning his followers to doubt the claims of existing media outlets.

This means Trump’s soft coup attempt is much more than its surface shows.

It’s the start of an evolving set of tactics to expand this centuries-old toxic energy.

But here’s a problem Trump will have to face: MAGA is larger than he is …

song currently stuck in my head: “house music (message mix)” – eddie anador

One thought on “Million MAGA March: funny and not funny

  1. Even though I’ve been avoiding trump related news (I’m so over it) I did see images of the march yesterday. And I keep being flooded by a confused urge to laugh… Because it feels like a parody. It doesn’t feel real. It’s just so hard to believe these people actually said the things they said and believe the things the believe. It’s like a social experiment that accidentally broke out of the controlled conditions of a lab.

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