Aren’t You Over These Duke and Duchess of Sussex Stories by Now?

prince harry and meghan markle in the netflix documentary series harry and meghan

Placed another way, I don’t plan to watch the new Netflix Series.

The way I see it, May 19, 2018 marks the day Meghan Markle married into one of the world’s oldest crime families. 

This is a family who is carrying centuries of gun running, human trafficking, colonialism, mass property theft, murder, and instigation of international armed conflicts in its history.

So guess who wasn’t sharing #BlackGirlMagic social media posts after hearing Markle was marrying into a family of royals?

I tried to find some of those BGM tweets but I think the original authors wised up and deleted them. Here’s a Pop Sugar article that tried to round up a sample of those celebrations back then.

Nothing should be magical, or otherwise pleasant, about human trafficking, colonialism …

And guess who wasn’t surprised about how Markle was treated by Prince Harry’s family?

Some you apparently forgot that a family with histories of human trafficking, colonialism, et al. — that have been focused on people of color during the family’s latter-day colonial phase — could have an eff-the-colonies mentality when they see Ms. Markle.

I’m not (obviously) endorsing the biased treatment Ms. Markle received, which will be a focus of the upcoming Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary series.

But global gangstas are still gangstas. What did the Duke and Duchess of Sussex expect?

Can we get a documentary series about this global crime family’s exploits?

Nor sufficiently magical for the mainstream imagination, I suppose …

song currently stuck in my head: “love isn’t always enough” – jarrod lawson 

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