Irrational rationality: why Trump wants schools open during an out-of-control pandemic

President Donald Trump wants to force school systems to open this fall and threatened to cut off state and local funding. Posted by Baye Kambui on mental unrest.
The defiant one …

The President will get more people killed before the coronavirus crisis is over

In a first-world country that slept its way into an angry pandemic that has shut the doors to more than 60 percent of summer camps, found medical and other essential workers scrambling for a persistent shortage of personal protective equipment, and is on its way to turning the hospital systems of several municipalities into developing world advertisements for aid donations — not to mention the nation’s managerial malpractice that has caused its economy to partially implode — President Donald Trump oddly decides to play gangsta with state and local governments by threatening to withhold funding from them if their schools are not open later this summer for in-person instruction.

Words can mean anything, but epistemology never lies.

Multiple accounts affirm that Trump wants reelection as much as he treasures bunker space and constant COVID-19 testing while the rest of the country has to wait upwards of eight hours to take a viral test that has a two-week turnaround time.

So, why have schools suddenly become a point of arousal in the narrow calculus of this President?

A simple reason with broader implications: public schools are low-cost babysitting services.

Sure, schools are undoubtedly important institutions for learning.

But where else can parents drop off their children to trusted caretakers — FOR FREE — so that grown folks can return to work and assume their typical role as the economy’s lifeforce?

And without them, the economy will continue to show fragile vital signs, and then Trump will have lost the only set of wings that can carry him to reelection this year — not that an economy which continues the low-paying, gig-like recovery of the Obama administration is worth shouting in church aisles in the first place …

Therefore, children must die, along with their parents, where the latter have a greater risk of succumbing to COVID-19 and meeting the angels.

I asked this before: how does it feel to be sacrificed?

Trump’s next trick: make adults feel as if returning to work is safe — or use brute force to do so …

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