Best Soul songs of 2020 (so far) by Soulsorts’ Roger Williams

Roger Williams of Soulsorts presents his top Soul song of 2020 as of July. Posted by Baye Kambui of Mental Unrest.

Any of these tracks would make cool adds to your playlist.

I generally hate making “best of” lists since I’ll almost invariably miss some gems worth mentioning. Music, art, chefs, wines — you name the list, and I’ll flub it without deadazz contemplation.

Therefore, (laughing) Soulsorts honcho Roger Williams is my idol. He served up his top Soul music picks for 2020 during yesterday’s Starpoint Radio broadcast, and I think your Soul-loving world will be down for every minute of it. I embedded the show below.

And as always, you can download every broadcast from Roger’s archive …

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