Herman Cain has the shucky-ducky coronavirus? A hard head leads to a soft behind …

Herman Cain saying Shucky Ducky.

Posted by Baye Kambui on mental unrest
Herman Cain during a happier moment.

“First we make our choices. Then our choices make us.”
— Anne Frank

Hearing that one-time GOP Presidential candidate, former Fed board possibility and Jefe de Pizza Herman Cain being hospitalized for COVID-19 didn’t surprise me much.

So, my immediate thought recalled the tweet Cain sent from from the cull’rd section of Trump’s June 20 Tulsa rally — maskless, socially reclaiming close quarters with others in the midst of the pandemic that America has yet to control … 

Herman Cain at the Trump Tulsa, Oklahoma rally on Saturday, Jun 20, 2020. posted to mentalunrest.com
Cain with no mask, even though he claimed on his video podcast to have worn one.

None of those elements looked like they could drive a successful outcome and I barked at the photo: “His old shucky-ducky backside has no business inhaling Rona fumes in an arena … !”

So, the Shucky-Ducky Man’s people shared a dreary tweet yesterday about his COVID-19 diagnosis.

The bad news.

You can tell Cain’s social media people are amateurs for writing such despair-laden copy — y’know, especially given his previous defiance.

The team fixed the last tweet — since they couldn’t delete it given the hundreds of people who had already responded — by pulling off another amateur move: Quickly post a warrior-styled tweet about how Cain is facing the virus head-on.

Tulsa wasn’t the first time Cain didn’t take the current public health protocols seriously. A pandemic-doubting narrative doesn’t have an azz, but Cain seemed eager to find and kiss it anyway.

Like the time “the people” — and presumably Cain — were fed up with masks.

South Dakota Governor said there will be optional mask requirements and no social distancing at the fireworks display at Mount Rushmore.
About the upcoming fireworks event in South Dakota …

The time when he doubted the coronavirus would reach the United States.

Yeah, I’m triflin’. I embedded the video.

There was the fascinating piece he wrote that equated the shelter-in-place measures taken by state and local governments against coronavirus with test runs for socialism.

And that strange rant about COVID-19’s second wave, as if he didn’t know we still haven’t reached the intermission part of the first.

I hope he recovers. There’s only one human being on this earth who I’d be tempted to wish they have a slow dance with Rona, and I still never made that wish. Besides, Cain’s podcasts are entertaining.

Still, his followers — for the sake of living — should listen to folks with more health creds than the next-to-zero Cain has …

song currently stuck in my head: “piece of me” – lady wray

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