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Will the pandemic cause commercial real estate to implode, or will bank fraud do the job first?

I attended a roundtable discussion a while back, where we discussed worldwide trends.  A question about business came up: “What business functions will never go out of style?” My answer: “Debt, equity, and liquidity.” Seems simple and practical, right?  You … Continue reading

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Three last words about the Obama pandemic playbook debate: it doesn’t matter.

A reliable source of quarantine-era annoyance arrived in the form of President Donald Trump and his team, who straddled weeks of mounting news about American deaths resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, sluggishly following through with additional public health protection measures … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: more proof Black and poor communities are designed for racist death (and politicians don’t care enough)

I’ll start by heading off the near-inevitable “What about White people” pushback whenever someone else mentions a unique and more intense version of hell that Black and Brown folks are experiencing. Sure — coronavirus doesn’t ask for skin color when … Continue reading

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