Physics, elections, and the President’s brain

Donald Trump and coronavirus. Posted by Baye Kambui on mental unrest.
In this case, confusion is deadly …

File under “Smoke from the dome”

Trump is experiencing an unprecedented perfect storm of conflicting vectors.

Vector 1. Trump’s need to be reelected.

Vector 2. Trump’s need to have the economy help him ride Vector 1.

Vector 3. The increasingly compelling fact that wearing face masks while being present among large groups will reduce transmission of the coronavirus.

Vector 4. Trump’s need to not appear wrong, soft, or influenced — especially when considering how he’s mocked others for wearing masks — by reversing his current negative opinion regarding the object that could serve has part of a solution to safely reopen the economy, and help him ride Vector 1.

Trump is one needy mofo, innit?

Anyway, what do you think the President will decide to do … ?

America’s death toll from the virus now stands at over 129,000; more than 25 percent of the world’s total COVID-19 fatalities …

song currently stuck in my head: “the sun” – alice coltrane

2 thoughts on “Physics, elections, and the President’s brain

  1. I’m not sure what he will do but I do have a feeling the result will be an ugly version of ‘crash and burn’.

  2. We’re all going to die. I’m going to crawl into my pajamas, cuddle up next to my sweet Gary and close my eyes until 2021.

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