middle east refugee debate in america

Since Americans want to debate whether or not the country should accept refugees from the current Middle East wars, let’s bring up a topic which is astonishingly missing from these discussions …

… Like how America helped to create this refugee crisis!

In America’s attempt to reshape the Middle East through proxy wars or outright invasions, much of the region is unsafe for anyone who isn’t interested in war.

Americans don’t want to debate about how we now know that Global War on Terror Version 2.0 is officially B.S.

America used Saudi and Qatar money to direct arms transfers to the so-called Syrian rebels — many of whom are terrorists who wish to destroy the West.

But despite published warnings by one of its intelligence agencies about the wisdom of supporting jihadists and the likely resulting blowback, the US not only continued this arms-to-jihadists stategy as a means of destabilizing Syria, but America — through more or less looking the other way — also enabled a terrorist organization to evolve into a murderous rogue state known today as Islamic State. The flood of Iraqi and Syrian rufugees is the chaotic product of America’s regime change strategy.

Americans are not debating about how an intercontinental spat over a liquified natural gas pipeline is the reason why we see so much blood and hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees today.

Americans are not debating how the Islamic State’s resulting rise from America’s coddling-by-feigned ignorance led to the current wave of Iraqi refugees.

Americans aren’t debating how the US NATO created the Libyan refugee crisis we see today when it enabled regime change in that country. In fact, removing Gaddafi from power caused Libya’s destruction and helped to spread terrorism miles beyond its borders.

But let’s elevate this debate beyond who caused the refugee problem or how to accommodate these new migrants.

Let’s talk about making these war-torn lands safe for people to return and prosper.

And let’s also talk about how making these lands safe would require the West and the Gulf Cooperation Council to stop providing arms and training to these areas of conflict.

But given all the damage created by wholesale regime change, I think a Middle Eastern Marshall Plan would be in order.

At the same time, my guess is that Americans will quickly find reasons to debate about that …

song currently stuck in my head: “by the time i get to phoenix” – glen campbell


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