korryn gaines

There are fewer of us liking and sharing Facebook posts today in recognition of how the social media giant shut off Korryn Gaines’ access to her Facebook and Instagram accounts — at the Baltimore County police department’s request — just before a SWAT team ended an hours-long standoff with Gaines by kicking in her apartment door and shooting her dead. The police also shot and wounded Gaines’ five-year old son.

Gaines was streaming the standoff on Facebook Live just before her accounts were deactivated.

While I’m tempted to dig into the thought processes involved with a local police department calling someone in a multi-billion dollar global corporation — presumably at a very senior level — to help them suppress live video evidence of an armed standoff that stemmed from vehicular fines, I’ll stick to one main point: I’m off Facebook and Instagram today.

We may have to do more of these logouts …

song currently stuck in my head: “on sonho (moon dreams)” airto moreira feat. flora purim

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