syria president assad blames france policy for terror paris attacks

Peace be with the people of France this morning, as well as the other victims of terrorist violence around the world.

The latest update on last night’s Paris attacks is that Islamic State (ISIL) has claimed responsibility, and has promised to draw more blood.

While the innocent attempt to repair broken lives and others find a convenient way to blame Syria President Bashar al-Assad for the Paris deaths, the embattled Syrian leader condemned the attacks and made an observation which makes me wonder if the American mainstream press will pick it up:

Yesterday France has known what we have been living in Syria over the past five years.

A story about how “Enemy of the United States ‘A'” has been under attack by “Enemy of the United States ‘B'” doesn’t neatly fit in the Western narrative about how both enemies should be viewed the same way—especially when the US helped to spawn Enemy B

song currently stuck in my head: “atlas” – battles

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