us revises number of trained syrian rebels to nine
A glimpse at the anything but "Free Syrian Army."

Remember when I discussed how Russia’s latest military buildup in Syria will prove to be too brilliant for America’s central military planners who claim to be focused on purging Islamic State from the region, but seem to be hell-bent on regime change in Syria instead?

If America attempts to stop Russia’s stated anti-terror operation to destroy ISIL and the other jihadist groups, then America will give the world the impression that allowing terrorism to grow is the priority.

We now know Team Obama’s next move — they’re holding military talks with Russia!

From the New York Times:

At [President] Obama’s instruction, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter on Friday opened a dialogue on Syria with his Russian counterpart, Defense Minister Sergei K. Shoigu, aimed at making sure that American and Russian forces avoid running into each other by mistake. The Russians have sent tanks, other equipment, marines and now combat aircraft to their new military hub near Latakia in western Syria. The Americans have flown hundreds of air missions in Syria striking the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

While some of you — for whatever reasons — will call America dumb for talking to Russia, I would argue that America will appear dumber for not talking.

russia and the us will hold military talks on coordinating activities in syria
Russia Defense Minister Sergei K. Shoigu (l) and US Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter

The number of combat-ready rebels trained by America to fight ISIL would barely fill a baseball team roster.

America hasn’t been able to reverse ISIL’s land grab — despite those “hundreds of air missions in Syria.”

ISIL is clearly a more dangerous option for allowing to linger in the region than embattled Syria President Bashar al-Assad’s regime will ever be.

And on the topic of Assad, he has the most combat-ready troops on the ground to fight ISIL.

(Laughing) But America wants display its abysmal priority problem by barking about regime change in Syria?

Leave it to the Russians to refocus Team Obama, or at least force a hand or two …

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