Anthony Weiner for NYC Mayor Mad Magazine

I think a good summary of what many New Yorkers think about disgraced former Congressman and current – in spite of a new sex chat scandal – NYC Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner would be a conversation I had with my Mother on the topic.

When news of Weiner’s behavior first broke in 2011, Mom had a very disappointed look on her face and said, “I remember him when he used to wear short pants as a kid!”

“Now we know why he used to wear ‘em,” I said to myself, hoping she can’t hear my thoughts.

I think she did, but decided to give me a free pass this time.

Mom, like many other New Yorkers, watched Anthony Weiner grow-up during various phases of his life in this town, and thought Weiner was a known quantity. They certainly saw no warning signs of a obsessive sexting behavior, which explains why many locals feel more disappointed than angry.

Still, folks have been willing to give Weiner’s City Hall bid a shot since Christine Quinn comes across as a Bloomberg clone who lacks integrity with many voters, Bill Thompson appears disconnected from the city since his last try for Mayor, Bill DeBlasio lacks the brand “thud factor” at present, John Liu likely leans too far to the left, and no one seems to take any of the Republican candidates seriously.

We’re delusional if we thought Weiner would stop sexing-up young’uns with his smartphone on the day he resigned from Congress. We’re also dreaming if we think Weiner is the only politician with a sex problem. But If New Yorkers want to make character a central issue in this campaign, the real questions to ask Weiner are “Tell us about any other revelations NOW before they make the news,” and “At what point after leaving Congress did you change your ways.”

Any news of Weiner sending nasty photos of himself after his stated reformation date would lead me to think not so much about whether or not he’ll make a good Mayor, but whether or not he needs to focus more time on repairing his family life…

song currently stuck in my head: “feel the real (jazz ‘n’ groove ultra classic mix) – david bendeth

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