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Bolton writes a book that reconfirms how much of a dim-sparked a-hole President Trump is — so what?

People want to read (or hear) musings of an official who’s made war his crystal meth — because of his ex-boss I won’t spend much time writing about Former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book, The Room Where it … Continue reading

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Why a Trump-Kim Meeting Won’t Matter

Some of you act as if US President Donald Trump’s negotiations with North Korea President Kim Jong Un — in progress as I write — will matter. It won’t. And neither will a mythological new deal Trump wants to craft … Continue reading

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  Reading the latest UN re-declaration of its refusal to accept the idea of North Korea possessing nuclear weapons makes me think of my earlier thoughts about the poor country being treated like a ho (here and here) drives me … Continue reading

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  Don’t you think the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea feels a bit ho’ed-out by this point? After more than six decades of being cradled in China’s loving arms where China’s “love” included fighting a war for DPRK’s sovereignty and … Continue reading

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