NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg angrily defends stop-and-frisk policy during meeting with top police brass

Like many other politicians, you know NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg senses he’s hanging on the last inch of a failing argument when he brought up the old “WE’VE GOT TO FIGHT TERRORISM AND PROTECT THE HOMELAND” line of reasoning.

Take today for example when Bloomberg offered the following response to the current court case and pending legislation that may effectively pull the plug on the NYC Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy:

“If the bills pass, they will make our city less safe and innocent people will [pay] a terrible price. My message is simple: stop playing politics with public safety. Look at what’s happened in Boston, remember what happened here on 9/11,”

(Laughing) So, is Bloomberg saying that stopping as many black 17-year olds in East New York as possible is a way to find the next Cave-Dweller?

Since the Mayor wants to travel this road, let’s have another look at the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, the Tsarnaev Brothers, before I make a few points:

 tsarnaev brothers kambui blog

Okay, ready? Here my takeaways—since the overwhelming majority of NYPD’s stop-and-frisk targets are of African or Latino descent:

  • The Deadly Boston Duo may have never been stopped-and-frisked if they came to NYC.
  • I, as a male of African descent, could have stood next to the Tsarnaev Brothers and would have been stopped-and-frisked first. In fact, the Tsarnaevs would’ve been treated like any other backpacking tourist and allowed to roam.
  • The Tsarnaev Brothers – assuming they had any common sense, wouldn’t stand too close to me on a busy Manhattan street if they wanted to continue bombing. After all, statistically speaking, I’m a cop magnet.

None of these takeaways spell good news since the Tsarnaevs wanted to take their bomb party to NYC

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