Nancy Smith — a Mississippi mom — arrested for faking an address to get Tennessee health insurance for her 3 kids

Effin’ health insurance.

The war on Black and poor folks continues.

Assuming you’re not a sociopath, you have to ask what kind of moral society allows the rich and powerful to fail up the ladder to success — and stack more ill-gotten riches from their clout — while the poor get the entire book of faux justice thrown at them for stealing bread loaves.

Defense contractor colossus Boeing was exposed for hiding design flaws in its 737 Max jets that were later involved in two crashes, killing 346 people. 

A US House of Representatives transport committee report called the two crashes a “horrific culmination of a series of faulty technical assumptions by Boeing’s engineers, a lack of transparency on the part of Boeing’s management, and grossly insufficient oversight by the [Federal Aviation Administration]—the pernicious result of regulatory capture on the part of the FAA with respect to its responsibilities to perform robust oversight of Boeing and to ensure the safety of the flying public.”

I don’t expect any Boeing executive to serve time in jail, and they’ll likely continue to score major contracts with government organizations and industry.

And there’s Rick Perry, reportedly hooking up his friends and donors with billion-dollar Ukrainian oil deals while he was President Donald Trump’s Energy secretary.

Sure, there are legal ways for government officials to look out for their business friends that may look shady, at worst.

But Perry was advocating for deals on behalf of American businesses that were not vetted by the Energy Department — a violation of federal ethics.

But Perry will be fine. He’s not going to jail, either

I can’t say the same for Nancy Smith, an Olive, Mississippi mom of three.

Nashville’s WZTV Fox 17 reports that Smith is facing 27 years in prison for lying about her home address so that she could get — do you have your faint chair ready? — Tennessee state health insurance benefits for her three children. The potential sentence amounts to one year for every $1,000 the State of Tennessee paid for Smith’s kids.

I see no evidence that Smith bought a car, jewelry, fur coats, or even guns with Tennessee’s expenditures. All the money went to health benefits.

I’m not suggesting that Smith didn’t break a law. I’m just saying that our economy and system of government are broken to the point where citizens have to steal health insurance from another state for their children.

No Medicare for All. Meanwhile, kleptocracy still rules.

Amy T. Weirich is the District Attorney General prosecuting the case, by the way. I hope she takes into account that we’re talking about health insurance …

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