The second half of 2020 feels like an Avengers movie

And the story will not end by 2021.

I feel like we’re fighting Thanos. End Game style.

Round one found much of the team far away from thinking we need to fight as a unit to save the planet.

For this battle, we established a fragile coalition of cobalts, turquoises, royals, tiffanys and midnights, and then made the concoction even more fragile by welcoming help from Magneto, Doctor Doom, Galactus an’em to defeat this fool.

And Thanos — drunk over his newfound power — STILL has a shot at whoopin’ azz.

But if we win, do you think Magneto’s gonna shout “Salaam”, give us hugs, and then serve Ramadan omelettes with cinnamon tea?

Will Galactus say “I’m done” and then walk away to tarry for Jesus?

Do you think Doom will give us a voiceless wave and then sit on top of some secluded mountain to meditate?

The writers of this story are set to get ridiculously huge contracts since the coming battle spinoffs will be off the meters.

But the focus right now is effin’ up the current fool’s infinity gauntlet.

I don’t like saying this but we’ll have to save the world again later, after we save the world now …

song currently stuck in my head: “moon and sand” – bobo stenson trio

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