Turning from bad to worse: Trump wants US hospitals to send coronavirus cases and testing data directly to the White House, bypassing the CDC

president donald trump wants direct access to coronavirus data. Posted by Baye Kambui for Mental Unrest.
Data is power.And Trump (at least) knows that.

Placing data in the hands of an erratic administration means more than politicizing science — it’s downright dangerous.

Pardon the fucked-up language I’m using, but Team Trump’s demand for hospitals to send coronavirus data directly to the White House — while bypassing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a data collection point — is a minacious development for speaking truth through science during a pandemic.

The White House’s eight-month string of fucking up the containment of this virus doesn’t inspire confidence about anything this administration plan to do with data.

The Trump administration fucked up detecting the virus’ arrival to the United States.

Fucked up assessment of the virus’ threat to humans, giving the disease an even larger head start.

Fucked up the initial production of life-saving ventilators for hospitals, despite state Governors’ pleas for provisioning.

Fucked up the provisioning of personal protective equipment (PPE) — in sufficient quantities — for hospitals and other employees deemed essential to fighting the virus. Hospitals across the country are still experiencing PPE shortages eight months into this pandemic.

Let’s stay with provisioning for a moment. They fucked up provisioning masks and other protective items for citizens at reasonable prices and quantities. Searching for N95 masks or even more basic versions on Amazon right now will prove my point. Compare Trump’s fuckups to South Korea, where its government made masks available to its citizens for less than USD 1.30 per unit.

The White House fucked up ordering a shutdown to contain the spread of the virus. The states had to take the initiative and shut down their respective economies because this President seemed more interested in counting stock market upticks at the expense of dead bodies.

Fucked up maintaining the shutdown order, giving the coronavirus an extended life in more than 30 US states.

If this administration had a pot of beans, psyllium husks and a pack of laxatives, they wouldn’t even take a shit right. Yeah, they’d fuck that up too.

And I’m supposed to trust this fuckup of a President — along with his band of miserable and punked fuckups — with raw data from hospitals during a pandemic?

So they can fuck up our only source for tracking America’s fight against the virus?

I hope a shadow collection point is established to hedge against any wack manipulation of data.

Election Day needs to happen tomorrow, y’all …

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