Coons, Trump and Saving Chicago

mental unrest trump chicago crime

I’m going to break an editorial rule for this blog and cover more than one main idea — namely cooning and lowering the City of Chicago’s crime rate

You’ve shamed those so-called Black leaders for attending Donald Trump’s debut Black History Month event as President of the United States. I disagree.

I don’t instantly think every African descendant who meets with #45 is competing for the Stepin Fetchit “Grin Harder” award.

Kwame Toure taught us long ago to pay less attention to the liaisons someone creates and focus on their consciousness.

A woke state of mind will ultimately do what’s right for humanity.

Key operating terms: “woke” and “mind.” 

Should you be reminded that Moses was raised in the Pharoah’s palace … ?

Booker T. Washington appeared to publicly chastise his race to improve their social standing through personal initiative and avoiding political action — while he was enthusiastically collecting donations from charmed wealthy folks for Tuskegee University and then quietly channeling support to political action groups.

This is not to say all Black attendees at Trump’s Black History talk have any respectable level of awareness and compassion for their race. Time will tell. In some cases, it already did.

While the President seemed to perversely share his take on African American History at that moment more than any of his handpicked Black conference table audience members, he continued his Chicago fascination by once again hinting at a federal occupation of the city’s Black communities.

In the same room and meeting, Rev. Darrell Scott’s shameful act of tearing his backside to please #45 by attempting to leap the wall of a tale he concocted from his imaginary “gang thugs” rolodex, provided confirmation to everyone outside those walls that no one wants to discuss a solution to Chicago’s murder problem that would be less expensive than SWAT teams, fed takeovers and Homan Square.

Well, how about professional skills training, jobs, and financial literacy as solutions?

wrote about this idea before.

The University of Chicago tracked the activities of three teen-aged groups from marginalized neighborhoods in 2012, where 20 percent of the youths in the study had prior arrests. Two of the groups were given eight-week summer jobs.

The results were predictable — well, to most of you. The two “jobs groups” experienced a 43 percent reduction in crime up to one year later.

Take a good guess at what happened to the jobless group.

We’re talking about a six-week investment of USD 124-206 per child, per week during one summer to avoid the high cost of year-long police raids and incarceration.

The City of Chicago and the federal government would still see lower social costs if they scaled-up this kind of intervention for citywide deployment.

But then … Chicago would then see a new kind of dangerous Black person …

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