Sunday Smack: Can Your Personal Medical Data Put You in Jail?

ross compton arrested for arson
Ross Compton — busted for arson with his own heart monitor data.

We could simply praise the brilliant police work that led to the arrest of Middletown resident Ross Compton for allegedly setting his home on fire.

Or we can be alarmed by what appears to be a pillar stripped away from Americans’ Fifth Amendment rights.

The case involves Compton dialing 911 last September to report waking up to a fire in his home. He also told the emergency dispatcher that he has an artificial heart.

According to Cincinnati’s WLWT, Compton told police “he was able to pack his suitcases and throw them out his bedroom window after he broke out the glass with a walking stick” as the fire raged.

Given Compton’s medical condition and evidence that the fire started from multiple areas of the home, investigators found inconsistencies with Compton’s story.

Police busted Compton in a massive lie when they obtained his heart monitor data and found that he was physically active prior to the fire — a time period where he claimed to be asleep.

This week’s Sunday Smack asks:

Can your private, medical data be used against you in a court of law?

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