This week’s Trump Insurrection has been a centuries-long project

American history tends to focus on the moment and perhaps four years prior — a dishonest practice. I’m going to help you ride-or-die political partisans focus your thoughts by prefacing this piece with my popular refrain for any mention I make about President Donald Trump: I believe he lacks the intellectual curiosity, skillset, and emotional […]

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Coons, Trump and Saving Chicago

I’m going to break an editorial rule for this blog and cover more than one main idea — namely cooning and lowering the City of Chicago’s crime rate.  You’ve shamed those so-called Black leaders for attending Donald Trump’s debut Black History Month event as President of the United States. I disagree. I don’t instantly think […]

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Instead of taking time out during Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to recognize his contributions to creating a just and more civil society, I find myself spending more time thinking about his assassination. And thinking about his death almost invariably surfaces the question: why did it happen? Thanks to a 1999 lawsuit filed and won […]