trump rnc speech nomination

About 30 minutes ago, I had a chance to read a draft of Donald Trump’s speech he’s supposed to make tonight when he accepts the Party of No Brains’ nomination for President. If you felt comfortable with saying Melania Trump Rock and Rolled Michelle Obama’s speech earlier this week, you’ll likely think that Donald Trump Blues’d talking points from Progressives who think Hillary Clinton has passed the Too Triflin’mark to lead this country.

In credit to Trump, he correctly brought up the problems and buckets of blood President Barack Obama has created in the Middle East — issues arguably larger than the problems he inherited nearly eight years ago.

The speech also hit on the Starbucks waiters’ recovery that Team Obama disingenuously describes as a low-unemployment win.

And you have to give the speech props for effectively framing presumptive opponent Hillary Clinton as a serial trade deal lover who seems oblivious to the destruction of jobs and the economy with each pen stroke. On the subject of destruction, Clinton’s works in Libya and Syria speak for themselves.

Lastly, the speech puts the oligarchs on blast!

But it’s just a speech from an aspiring politician, right?

The more disturbing parts of Trump’s speech are his views on American society.

Calling himself the “Law and Order” candidate seems to mix up the distinction between a cause and an effect.

For example, are the unfortunate deaths of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge the result of a breakdown in law and order as Trump claims, or a misguided but deadly blowback from the economic and social marginalization of African descendants?

Failing to deal with the crisis of race in America will only lead to more deaths.

There was a point in the speech where Trump links law and order with improved intelligence. This compromise of sorts with the NSA’s massive spying program may soon show how much less Black lives will matter in the future. Pay close attention to this point …

The “immigrants are criminals” lines are tired. And untrue.

The revitalization of America’s industrial capability is not impossible, but will not be easy. Nonetheless, The speech provides no detail on how the revitalization will happen.

Before tonight, Trump came across as less of a war hawk than Clinton, but the speech is so light on foreign policy specifics that you have to become suspicious.

And that’s his speech — cherry-picking eminent domain rights over hardcore Progressive principles and spinning them to woo economically disenfranchised right-wingers.

Lastly, Trump dropped a sufficient hint about who his Supreme Court Justice choice.

I predict his speech will play well to his party and some Independents, assuming he’ll stick to it …

song currently stuck in my head: “pleasure control” – on the house

Update: it looks like I was right. David Duke loved the speech …

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