3 baton rouge cops shot dead

Update (23:15): Ideological Ho, Anyone?

The scramble to piece together Gavin Long’s beliefs are important in the way they can form a picture of motivation, intent and networks.

While not confirmed, I’m now hearing that Gavin Long claimed to be down with the Nation of Islam in the past.

I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of stories — true and otherwise — in the coming hours about who or what Long attached himself to, but the collection of stories so far sounds like Long lived through various schools of thought that smacked of anti-government and anti-oppression themes on his way to crafting a more personalized brand of worldview.

I generally call these types ideological hos.

And some of them can be deadly, regardless of their arranged beliefs …

Update (22:57):The “Cosmo” We’re Just Beginning to Know …

The protesting — next month, they’ll be gone Brah. What we going to do after that? We going to have to educate ourselves after that. See, that s**t is just emotional s***. We Men. We gotta get off of that. We gotta think logical. [Protesting] is for the women …

Those are the words of radio host, life coach, freedom strategist, author and real estate businessperson, Cosmo. He’s also known as Gavin Long — the slain Baton Rouge gunman.

I grabbed the above quote from this video, found on hhs YouTube channel.

Here are a few more twists to Long’s ideological viewpoints, via Twitter:

Update (20:03): Statements About Baton Rouge Shootings

Predictably, no statement yet from the NRA.

I expected DeRay McKesson to speak first and he did — somewhat directly and otherwise. In addition to condemning the Baton Rouge shootings, He retweeted this:

You can read a roundup of statements from politicians, celebrities and President Obama on Deadline’s site.

6 Officers Shot; 3 Dead

As you’re already aware, Three officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — reportedly by 29-year old Gavin Long, a black man. Three other officers have been injured in The same incident. Long has been shot dead.

The natural first instinct of many — given the current tensions between law enforcement and the African descendent community,and particularly given the shooting deaths of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and five Dallas cops is that the shooting is linked to the controversial Black Lives Matter movement, but the story has taken an interesting ideological twist since Long’s reported affiliation with a right-wing extremist group.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Long has been linked to the New Freedom Group, a reactionary anti-government organization.

Which side of the political spectrum your political views may lie should be an irrelevant point since were talking about three tragic deaths. I’m sure the victims were beloved family members, as well as close friends to many.

But I’m sure these points will crumble in the face of political agendas, especially during an election year.

I’m awfully curious about how the NRA and Black Lives Matter leaders like DeRay McKesson will respond to to this. I plan to keep this lost open for updates. I may even turn your comments into post content. Stay tuned …

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