all lives matter is fos

If the sheer number of cases, studies, and high-definition extrajudicial killings can’t sway some to believe that “All Lives Matter” is too FOS to accept even a drop of social justice, let’s look at a source many of you rely on every day: Google.

I used Google Trends to track online mentions of the phrases “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” in 2014. BLM is the red curve and ALM is blue:

All lives matter vs. black lives matter in 2014 on Google Trends

No, take a REALLY CLOSE look:

all lives matter racism
All Lives Matter is just a recurring, knee-jerk response to Black Lives Matter. Nothing more.

The chart shows that All Lives Matter wasn’t even as much as a prototypical sperm in the digital ether — until Black Lives Matter began to trend.

An even harder look will show that the relatively small bump in ALM mentions happens only after an uptick in BLM talk.

Here’s 2015:

Take a look at the past few months of this year:

google trends black lives matter and all lives matter may through July 2016
“All Lives Matter”, huh?

See? All Lives Matter has no intention of ever becoming a thing — it requires Black Lives Matter to play the role of reanimator.

I’m doing this quick and dirty post from my mobile device — without access to the raw data and my desktop computer. Otherwise, I’m sure the ALM-FOS premise could be proven again through more formal causation and correlation analyses.

With that distraction out the way, let’s focus on some real issues …

song currently stuck in my head: “lovelite” – o’bryan [peace to dj monk-one … ]


  1. You know the “All Lives Matter” proponents are busy, angrily stabbing at their keyboards, typing out those counter arguments to our audacity to think that our lives have worth. They’re planning a rally as soon as they get off of their devices. They’ll show us!

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