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You hear this statement often after a mass shooting: “If those victims had guns, the shooter would’ve been stopped.”

We heard a similar statement after the Orlando mass shooting in The Pulse nightclub.

But do you know what sounds just as silly as “If those partygoers in Orlando had guns, Omar Mateen wouldn’t have killed so many people?”

Anyone who says “If more Black Lives Matter protesters had guns in Dallas last week, they would’ve stopped Micah Johnson‘s sniper rampage … ”

Oh, wait — for some surprising reason, no one really said that

Forgive me, y’all. my writing style is stream of consciousness. For the most part, reading my posts are like experiencing me think in real time. While it’s tempting at the moment to post about how Negroes with Guns is a more terrifying thought among some American gun nuts than interracial breeding will ever be, I won’t go there today.

Instead, I want to rap about how more guns don’t guarantee a neutralized mass shooter.

Gun marksmanship is a lot like sex.

Everyone thinks (or says) they’re good at it — even if they can’t hit the broadside of a wanton punany or work a long barrel at point-blank range.

I’ve visited a few gun ranges. I also watched videos.

So I know how some of you can’t shoot stationary targets very well.

We’re talking about stationary targets under well-lit, non-urgent conditions.

Therefore, I know that many of you gun range fans wouldn’t do well in a live and chaotic, mass-shooter situation.

When hostile bullets begin to fly in real life, people are running in many different directions in front of you, thus obscuring your view of the target, who could also be moving.

And if other patrons are carrying guns, you may not be able to tell the difference between your target and a friendly.

Let’s add this to the mix: the space where the gun play is going down could be dark — like The Pulse nightclub.

And in all your excitement about getting caught in the less-than-perfect Eastwoodian moment you and your AR-15 have been itching for, you forgot about how you can’t hit the broadside of a …

… even if you had well-lit conditions …

Any aspiring Black Eastwoods out there?

Just remember that you could end up like Ben — unless you have the presence of mind like Mark Hughes in Dallas and surrender your weapon to the police right after shots were fired.

Dig that last paragraph. You’re carrying a rifle — presumably for protection or to make you feel good about your personal safety — in a state that allows you to do so, and you have to give up your weapon to arguably save your life?

Let’s stay on Hughes for a moment: he’s STILL getting death threats. By the  THOUSANDS.

Apologies, y’all. Had to say it, even though this wasn’t supposed to be a Negroes with Guns post.

I still don’t believe the US should outlaw all guns, but I would prefer that the More Guns Everywhere supporters do more work on the quality control part of their arguments.

Feel free to disagree. I’ll post all comments other than the ones that push wacky photos …

song currently stuck in my head: “september 13” – deodato

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