Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s reported $1.3 million campaign war chest is making political junkies’ howl with laughter.

(Laughing) It’s likely that local politicians who ho’d themselves out to industry groups have about as much campaign cash!

A humorous surface view of the story makes you wonder if Trump’s campaign looks like one of those Rap music videos where the artist — who’s making his very first record — is seen driving a Maybach into the driveway of his super-sized mansion, but in reality is indebted to his record label, and his meal for the evening doesn’t get more upscale than Nathan’s Frank’s and Oodles of Noodles.

Isn’t braggadocio an aspect of Trump’s game as well?

But while you dust off those Trump’s penis jokes for analogies’ sake or tweet about the dichotomies of Trump the Famed Businessperson versus Trump the Broke Campaigner, you can’t overlook the way Trump pimp-stomped his opposition during the Party of no Brains primaries earlier this year.

And here’s an interesting reality — Trump’s lack of campaign loot has not stopped him to being within five percentage points of overtaking Hillary Clinton in a recent national poll. Simple math tells me his efficacy in generating points per dollar spent beats Clinton’s skills at it all day.

Plus Trump, assuming he can afford it, may choose to throw more of his own money into the campaign — and theoretically get a significant bump out of the investment. We also can’t discount any decision made by the PoNBs to help with fundraising.

As you know, I called Trump’s primary win when others thought they were witnessing a political comedy.

However, I’m not as confident in Trump winning the general election against the Deep State’s most favored candidate of 2016.

My reasoning behind that prediction is simple — she’s the Deep State’s most favored candidate.

But … she has significant risks. And that means Trump has a shot. More on that later …

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