brexit from the european union is like a pimp and ho relationship

If a pimp with no hos means nothing much more than a broke-azz, fancy dresser in need of a career counselor, how much better off do you think a large house full of pimps will fare?

That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised about the house full of pimps in this story who collectively decided to invite some hos to live with them.

For reasons which make no sense  until later in the story, these pimps also had families(!)

Even with the new, exploitable bodies in the house — and the resulting cash flow to reap — these pimps had a recurring problem: coming to terms with how to split their earnings.

Of course the hos were specifically chosen for their vulnerabilities, and the rebellious ones were dealt with in a brutal manner.

An example that quickly comes to mind is the time when a ho named Gee ran into such deep debt to these pimps where all money earned either went directly to the pimps’ profits or to pay off loans, which meant more profit to the pimps since they were the underwriters. Even the emergency loans the pimps made to Gee during harder times went back to the pimps in the form of payments for even more profits.

In other words, Gee had no money for food or much of anything since almost all the money Gee earned went to the pimps. Gee had enough of this situation and threatened to leave the house.

The threat was initially met with scare tactics like: “You can’t live without us! Go out into the unknown and find out how miserable your life will be.”

When that didn’t work, the pimps warned that war would break out amongst all pimps in the house if Gee left. That scare tactic didn’t work either.

Finally, the pimps completely cut off Gee’s ability to access money and valuables. Gee, penniless at this point, capitulated and remained in the house. The purpose for such cruelty was two-fold: to keep Gee in a ho’s position, as well as set a public example for other hos who aspire to leave the house one day.

The pimps’ greed ran much deeper than than runnin’ hos. “Skimming cream off the top” would be a euphemism for how these pimps treated their own families. Cousins, sisters, brothers, spouses, parents and grandparents received almost nothing from these pimps — and the pimps never addressed this growing problem of scarcity and denial, nor did the pimps care to acknowledge that a problem even existed.

And why should the pimps care? They’re pimpin’, right?

The family members of Pimp B, particularly the older ones, were fed up with this treatment of neglect, and wanted out of the house.

Perhaps some of the family members’ anger was misplaced — like the time when the pimps credibly blamed the families’ growing poverty on having additional mouths to feed, thanks to the arrival of distant relatives from other lands.

The reality is that the families’ growing state of impoverishment was set in motion well before the arrival of those distant relatives. The pimps’ blame game was simply a smokescreen for greed, neglect and lack of compassion for the family members.

As an example, family members were never invited to the table with the other pimps to discuss business matters. The families were effectively being treated like the hos in the house.

The pimps’ greed meant that younger family members — who remained optimistic — didn’t have a bright financial future ahead while the older family members were treated like burdensome financial obligations which were always under a microscope for further neglect.

Some of the more manipulative members of Pimp B’s family were able to combine everyone’s frustrations about the growing state of impoverishment with the distrust of those distant family members. The result: a compelling case for leaving the pimps’ house.

Once again, the pimps —  including Pimp B — warned of the uncertainty ahead, should the family leave the house.

The warning didn’t work. Pimp B’s family wanted out.

The Pimp Wars warning made its rounds again.

That didn’t work either. Pimp B’s family still wanted out.

The pimps were in a state of panic over this development. In addition, Pimp B lost credibility with the other pimps.

Many family members of the remaining pimps — even with their financial hardships — began to panic as well. You can’t blame them — traveling across uncharted territory can create uncertainty at times.

Even some of the hos  panicked.

But other hos, as well as some family members, are also thinking about how to exit from the house of pimps …

song currently stuck in my head: “bop gun (endangered species)” – parliament-funkadelic

[Kambui’s note: I broke two rules when writing this allegory. First, the song stuck in my head is unrelated to this story; Bernie Worrell’s recent passing is on my mind right now. Second, allegories offer no direct clues for interpretation, but I left two of them … ]

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