Russia jets bomb isis oil convoy

What did the Russian fighter jets say to the massive Islamic State (ISIL) convoy of trucks transporting illegal oil from Syria to Turkey?


Russia’s Ministry of Defense shared a video of the bombing raid it brought to what’s presumed to be ISIL trucks moving caliphate-stolen oil to Turkey for sale to the region — and possibly beyond. Estimates say that ISIL makes up to USD 2 million a day in oil sales to help fund its terror operations.

Unlike the US, Russia expressed no concern for increasing the region’s carbon footprint through bombs (so THAT’S why the US didn’t bomb ISIL’s oil infrastructure for over a year!), nor did it give ISIL a heads-up leaflet drop prior to bombing.

Just “KA” and “BOOM.”

Here’s a clip of a ridiculously large number of ISIL trucks, originating from Syria, moving oil into Turkey:

And here’s where the Russian bombs began to fly:

You have to laugh about Team Obama’s environmental concerns, given how going green wasn’t their concern in Libya, Yemen or anyplace else …

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