latest news on russia war in syria

Russia, now on its fourth day of bombing Islamic State and other terrorist fighters in Syria, estimated that its operation will conclude in 3-4 months.

This means Russia will have been able to accomplish what the US has been trying to do for over a year — “degrade and destroy” ISIL. Remember that?

Russia’s success in less than 100 hours of sorties — if true — is significant on many fronts.

(Laughing) for starters, Russia has found those “moderate” rebels the US has been attempting to find for about three years.

I’m guessing there is a fair amount of validity to Russia’s claims of success because Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are PISSED.

Up to now, ISIL’s caliphate footprint — even with over a year’s worth of US air strikes — has managed to remain steady, if not increase.

Russia reports that their bombers have not only destroyed a number of ISIL command centers, training grounds and munitions depots, but Moscow also says that the jihadist fighters have been retreating — out of panic.

Even if Russia is halfway successful after 3-4 months, they will have damaged ISIL’s footprint much more than what the US has done in over a year.

That level of success would mean the US has been full of Sugar, Honey and Iced Tea.

Or the US military is soft.

Or the Russian military is harder than concrete. Literally.

We’ll soon see, won’t we?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you already know what I think America’s Syria intentions are.

And Russia is currently calling the US on the latter’s BS.

I’ve said a while ago that the US views ISIL as a bunch of disposable jihadists.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Russia has seen through America’s game for a while.

Despite civil war intelligence warnings about Islamic terror groups driving the opposition, as well as ISIL’s imminent birth in Iraq, the US continued to arm and train the Syrian rebels — many of whom are jihadists — while ignoring the green shoots of a medieval style caliphate in Western Iraq.

However, the US’s narrow focus on removing the Assad regime without committing American ground troops meant there was no serious intent to immediately deatroy ISIL.

And this is where Russia ingeniously found an opening to exploit Team Obama’s weaknesses, assume a larger role in the Middle East as well as call out Team Obama’s BS.

Russia said, “Since America can’t seem to get rid of the terrorists, we’ll help.”

“If America doesn’t want to commit resources beyond CIA advisors to continue training ‘moderate’ jihadists, Iran will send more troops to conduct a large ground operation.”

And “Since ISIL has a stronghold in Iraq, we’re prepared to start bombing there as well.”

If the US objects to this help, then the BS has been exposed.

The Gulf States sponsors of the jihadists currently operating in Syria have seen their own covers blown already.

Don’t count on the Russians leaving altogether, once the operation has been completed.

But like I said a few days ago, the big question is how much of Assad’s land will Russia and Iran will be able to reclaim before America pushes back more forcefully …

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