hillary clinton fake smile email scandal

While former Hillary Clinton State Department aide Mark McDougal intends to hide behind his Fifth Amendment rights in response to any congressional inquiry about Clinton’s private email server use for conducting government business, there are two fundamental issues about Clinton’s behavior most people are missing.

Forget for a moment that the public is completely ignoring how a detailed review of these electronic documents could possibly provide insight into why the US invaded Libya — thus turning the country into a bloody anarchy; leveraged Libya’s standing as a jihadist recruitment portal for the GCC/Western-supported civil war against Syria President Bashar al-Assad’s regime; and then watched the same Assad-hating, self-declared enemies of America eventually create a rogue state as a base of operations in the Middle East.

The horrific state of that region explains why I think House Speaker John “Bonehead” Boehner and his Party of No Brains‘ so-called email investigation is nothing more than a neoliberal head fake.

But let’s set aside the most obvious scandals and focus on two simple things that should make Hillary Clinton sit out of public life forever — her recklessness and her integrity.

Imagine being interviewed for a job at defense firm Boeing and during the interview process you told your prospective boss that you plan to receive and send all company emails with your private server.

Your boss would likely have enough common sense to say “Holy crap! This idiot would potentially send Boeing’s trade secrets through unsecured channels,” and then not hire you.

If your boss also happened to be an idiot and still gave you the job, the Board of Directors may eventually discover the whole mess and fire both of you.

But in the case of Hillary Clinton, who was US Secretary of State while sending emails related to diplomatic business through her personal server, the practice is being packaged as a “mistake.”

With the available wisdom of State Department advisors, Clinton used a private server because she didn’t consider whether or not her smartphone’s email client could accommodate both her work and personal emails?


With an explanation like that, Clinton proved she’s either reckless, dishonest or dumb.

In any case, Clinton’s exclusive handling of State Department email through her private server would mean she was handling sensitive and possibly even top secret emails through unsecured protocols.

This isn’t the behavior of someone I want to see in the Big Chair in 2016.

Clinton’s latest integrity problem may explain why Vice President Joe Biden is contemplating a presidential run. He would be neither the anti-Hillary candidate, the Party of No Guts savior nor the populists’ champion — he will simply be a neoliberal hedge…

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