Leaked South African Spy Cables to Al Jazeera which prove that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lied to his country, the United Nations and America about Iran being at the cusp of building nuclear weapons is not surprising, but this development is still big news—especially on the eve of Netanyahu’s visit to the US.

Let’s dig deeper than the idea of the world believing a guy who ranted about an existential threat to his country while holding up a cartoon bomb to prove his point. Leaks indicate that while Netanyahu hosted his art show of nuclear threats from Iran, his own intelligence agency, Mossad, expressed doubts that the Islamic Republic was enriching uranium to a grade that can be weaponized.

This clearly makes Netanyahu a liar, who wanted to leverage America’s military and blood to enact regime change in Iran.

This also makes the idiots in Congress who jumped out of their seats in jubilation during Netanyahu’s 2011 address to both houses…well…idiots. Okay, they may have an excuse—read the last few paragraphs of the post I did about Speaker Boehner to see my point.

This also means the administration of Bush The Second was either duped, or  ridiculously complicit in planning for regime change in Iran, thus blowing more life into the Arc of Crisis framework.

You can also conclude that Team Obama has been either straight-up clueless or equally guilty of using sanctions to potentially destabilize a country which has complied with the provisions of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

But what’s going on here—I mean, besides liars, dupes, schemers and idiots?

When you look at a map of the Middle East and pin-point all the areas of trouble, Iran is one of the few countries in the region that’s not in flames.

What would be the motivation to marginalize or bomb Iran into a version of Iraq or Libya today?

Look at that heat map of the Middle East I asked you to envision a moment ago, and keep in mind that almost every flashpoint you see is either by design, or the extended consequences of that design.

Apparently, we have a few brilliant thinkers from the West who won’t be happy unless the Middle East remains a chaotic place filled with installed dictators, warring sects, impoverished citizens, as well as manufactured or coincidental jihadists…

South Africa’s overall role as described by these leaks tickles my thoughts. One of several reasons why I plan to make a few more journeys to this topic…

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