netanyahu flies to united states hoping  tensions about upcoming nuclear iran speech to congress will ease

How would you describe a lot of damn nerve?

Let’s say you were cold busted framing one of your neighbors for a robbery.

That’s nerve.

You then wanted to address your block association to reaffirm your neighbor’s so-called guilt.

That’s some damn nerve.

Your next trick—even in the face of your neighbor’s innocence—is to tell others that it’s time to get tough on this neighbor—y’know, given this imaginary robbery and all. Expelling the innocent neighbor surfaces as an option, and harming members of the neighbor’s household—like equally innocent women and children—gets branded as collateral damage.

THAT, my friend, is a lot of damn nerve

You can call Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to the United States to address Congress about an imaginary nuclear threat by Iran, as well as his attempt to influence the current nuclear talks involving the US and the Islamic Republic, as a lot of damn nerve.

There is no evidence in 2015 which would remotely suggest that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

US intelligence agencies do not believe Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, after years of investigating Iran’s nuclear program, still has no evidence to suggest Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Look at the IAEA’s website and tell me if evidence exists.

Iran has not attacked another country in more than 200 years.

Brazil and South Africa are enriching uranium as I write, but we don’t hear talk about sanctions, existential threats and war.

Israel’s own intelligence agency, Mossad, does not believe Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issued a fatwa that forbids the development of nuclear weapons.

Generally speaking, Iran is opposed weapons of mass destruction. When Iraq killed thousands of Iranians with gas attacks during the two countries’ eight-year war—thanks to US-supplied chemical weapons for the occasion—Iran never responded with a WMD attack of its own.

And in the absence of evidence that Iran is developing nukes, the American Central Intelligence Agency fudged blueprints of nuclear weapon components, and tried to pass them off as Iran’s documents!

And yet Netanyahu, the leader of a nuclear-armed nation which has NEVER signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, wants  to address America about the imminent mushroom cloud threat posed by Iran—a nation which has NO nuclear missiles, AND is a signatory to the NPT?

Tell me that’s not a lot of damn nerve…

Plus we now have the strongest evidence to date that Netanyahu will address Congress this Tuesday with only a pack of lies to support  his case.

I’ve said this before—no deal between Iran and the West raises the likelihood of war. No country is going to deal with economic sanctions placed on it indefinitely when it has broken no laws to deserve those sanctions.

And I get the sense that Netanyahu wouldn’t care if America spends the lives of its military personnel to fight an imaginary threat.

After all, there’s an established precedent

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