president obama announced he will move without congressional support and stop deportation of immigrants

The current immigration fight brewing between the Party of No Brains and the Party of No Guts-in-Chief is another example of why I think partisan politics is a weapon of mass distraction from bigger issues like income inequality, oversized bankers and geopolitical risks overseas.

The difference between infants and adults is that the former will cry when served food they don’t like, while the latter will march to the kitchen and grab a skillet.

So, why is Representative Mo Brooks bitching about how President Obama’s threat of an end-run around Congress to push through immigration reform is worthy of impeachment or prosecution—as if Brooks has no feet or cooking skills?

The common sense thing for the PNBs to do is pass their own version of immigration reform—whatever it is.

But just as the so-called 2010 “Ground Zero Mosque” drama was a synchronized tale to drum-up partisan divisions for mid-term elections—after all, think about how often the Mosque story was mentioned after November 2, 2010—the immigration tug of war is being timed for 2016 mobilization and impact.

But not much else…

song currently stuck in my head: “nice guys” – art ensemble of chicago

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