How can the Governor of a US state which the University of Montana-Billings, WalletHub, Education Law Center (pdf), and the US Department of Education has ranked near the bottom of national student achievement or state effort lists, gather the nerve to sue the Obama administration over the fear of a federal government education mandate?

Welcome to Bobby Jindalworld, a place where you can sue the federal government, against the advice of your state education chief and the order from a district judge.

I suppose the Benghazi boat is already filled with 2016 Presidential candidates, so Jindal is looking for different issue to call his own.

The delusional Governor is obviously leveraging the American public’s negative opinion about nationalized school initiatives, but I also think there’s risk in misreading the tea leaves here.

For starters, the previous national education effort was the No Child Left Behind disaster of 2001. That’s enough to make anyone pessimistic about federal involvement in the classroom.

Next, Education Week found that Common Core – the Obama Administration effort to set national standards for reading and math scores as well as create recommended curriculum guidelines for possible use by school systems – suffers from an image problem. A poll indicates that most Americans like the idea of setting national standards for reading and math scores; they simply don’t like the standard when the name “common core” is mentioned around it:

The poll asked half of respondents, chosen randomly, whether they support or oppose the use of the common-core standards, but replaced “common core” with “standards for reading and math that are the same across the states.” When the label was dropped from the question, support for the common core increased to 68 percent from 53 percent.

(Laughing) I know what you’re thinking. “The opposition is purely driven by opposition to Obama,” but I’m only going by what was reported in the survey… 

I’m not an educator, but my experience in commerce and organizations doesn’t allow me to completely agree with Governor Jindal or Team Obama.

I’d like to see a new American education system that teach kids how to think and act like leaders, in addition to improving the system’s current disappointing position among other school systems of the world. I just don’t see that kind of breakthrough coming from any politician in the near future…

song currently stuck in my head: “tell her it’s over” – millie jackson

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